Insight ID 28 July 2022

Digital Advertising Influences Female Consumer’s Online Buying Behavior

Currently digital advertising in Indonesia is experiencing significant growth, because it has an important role in the marketing field. Social media is a platform that makes it easier for the public to get information related to digital advertising. The data proves that women are the users who dominate social media. This has an impact on consumer spending behavior, especially women, in meeting their needs during the pandemic.

In addition to using social media as a digital advertising platform, there are also digital advertising and marketing solutions through products such as Messaging, Display, and Rewards. Around 96% of marketers claim SMS marketing can drive their revenue. Placing display ads can also expand consumer reach and build consumer loyalty through Rewards.

Digital Advertising That Attracts to Female Consumers


Content is an important element in today's digital advertising. Not only as a means of delivering information, the right content strategy can also make the brand remembered by the audience. Advertising content with a social, personal, and humorous is the most popular content approach. The most preferred types of content are skin care and makeup, food & beverage, entertainment, and educational content.

Brand Strategy Attracts the Attention of Female Consumers


1. Understand Your Audience's Behavior

Expertise in observing and making assumptions from existing data is needed to help a company or brand in making effective advertisements. And make marketing strategies more measurable. DigiAds is a leader in optimizing Indonesian consumer data inventory. With 169 million active subscribers that reach 98% of Indonesia. DigiAds understands Indonesian consumers and helps brands reach more specific target.

2. Clarify Your Marketing Goals on Multiple Platforms

Understanding and being able to adapt the trends on a particular platform can be the most appropriate marketing strategy. The reason is, each platform has its own advantages and priority features. Brands need to align the use of this platform with the objectives of their respective marketing strategies and consumer preferences. Like Telkomsel DigiAds, which has display and messaging solutions, able to clarify your marketing goals precisely.

3. Optimize Video Based Content

Currently, video is the most preferred choice by digital consumers. By using this visual strategy, consumers can see reviews and real forms of a product. Seeing video-on-demand as a trend, Telkomsel presents a video-on-demand platform, MAXstream, which presents various types of original serial content from various genres.

4. Invest in More Potential Networks

There are two consumer preferences for brand perception, authentic and transparent. Brands need to build their own community to maintain consumer loyalty. Another effort that can be done is to use self-service advertising platforms such as MyAds or place ads on ROLi to connect with consumers or more specific audiences.

Detailed target market is the key that can increase the effectiveness of your digital advertising. Telkomsel DigiAds comes as a digital advertising solution that understands the most consumers and reaches 169 million consumers in Indonesia.
We provide you with advertising solutions that reach more consumers effectively according to Telkomsel's customer profile. Through Messaging, Display, and Rewards products, DigiAds helps you reach a wider and more targeted audience.

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