Event 25 February 2021

DigiAds Webinar with Kantar: Understanding Consumer Packaged Goods and Evolving Mobile Consumer

Indonesia is currently experiencing an era of digitalization. Many Indonesians are familiar with technology in their daily lives. In addition, the condition of the COVID-19 pandemic requires people to do activities at home and inevitably they will be more active in using the internet via cellphones and other devices. It obviously affects the consumption behavior of people who shift to online for health safety reasons.

Furthermore, this phenomenon has a potential opportunity for effective digital marketing. Accordingly, Telkomsel DigiAds and Kantar collaborated to provide education and share insights about the digital and its relationship with consumers through the webinar "Understanding Consumer Packaged Goods and Evolving Mobile Consumer" which was held on May 13, 2020 through the Zoom Meeting. The event was attended by Consumer Packaged Goods industry doers who were enthusiastic about listening to discussions from Ade Parulian, GM Digital Advertising Sales of Telkomsel and Nelson Loaiza, Media, Analytics and Digital Kantar, which was hosted by Desy Bachir, CMO at Samara Media & Entertainment.

DigiAds Webinar with Kantar: Understanding Consumer Packaged Goods and Evolving Mobile Consumer

On this occasion, the role of Telco data in the effectiveness of digital advertising for the Consumer Packaged Goods industry was thoroughly explored to get to know consumers. The effectiveness of Telco data has proven to be effective in assisting advertisers in marketing their products to the right target consumers. In addition, through Telco data, marketers can advertise to relevant audiences, hence the advertisements created will be more targeted and have the potential to achieve significant results.

Telkomsel DigiAds is an integrated digital advertising solution provider that is part of Telkomsel's digital transformation. Since the establishment in 2013, Telkomsel DigiAds consistently presents a complete digital advertising solution through four main product pillars, namely Messaging, Display, Rewards, and Banking. The comprehensive solutions offered by Telkomsel DigiAds are able to help companies run various digital marketing campaigns that are effective, efficient, and right on target, either in increasing awareness, traffic, and sales.